biolatam"BIOLATAM 2013 aims to become the global event focused on Latin American biotechnology. BIOLATAM 2013 is the perfect setting for forging new partnerships and strengthening existing business relationships in the Latin American biotechnological market.
BIOLATAM 2013 will combine conferences, business meetings and networking events, to facilitate contacts between international companies, investors, entrepreneurs, institutions and research centers in the field of biotechnology and related areas."


Viernes, 12 Julio 2013 21:44

ERA-ARD Final Conference

era ard"The ERA-ARD II project, together with EIARD and SCAR, has held a 1-day Joint Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on Wednesday 5th June 2013. A summary of the presentations and of the general conclusion of the conference are now available online."


Viernes, 12 Julio 2013 21:33

ISAAA upgrades gm approval database

isaaa"For the first time since the introduction of biotech/GM crops almost two decades ago, developing countries have grown more hectares of biotech crops than industrialized countries, contributing to food security and further alleviating poverty in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions.."


scidev"La bioeconomía abre oportunidades para el desarrollo de Latinoamérica, pero también conlleva riesgos de distinto tipo, dice Federico Vasen."


Viernes, 12 Julio 2013 21:19

Brazil's CTNBio approves new gm maize

mcti"Brazil's National Technical Commission on Biosafety (Comissão Técnica Nacional de Biossegurança, or CTNBio), at its 163rd plenary meeting on June 20 approved the commercial release of genetically modified maize TC1507 x DAS-59122-7, an insect resistant herbicide tolerant variety developed by Dow AgroSciences Seeds and Biotechnology Brazil Ltda. and DuPont Brazil SA.
The news release is available in Portuguese from Brazil's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation website."


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  • ISAAA upgrades gm approval database



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  • Brazil's CTNBio approves new gm maize



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