Science-Industry Matchmaking Antwerp 2013

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Satellite Meeting to the RRB-9:

‘Science-Industry Matchmaking Event between Latin American, Caribbean and European actors of biorefineries, biobased products and bioenergy’

A Science-Industry Matchmaking Event between Latin American, Caribbean (LAC) and European (EU) actors involved in bio-economy development was hold on 
Friday 7 June 2013 in parallel with the RRB-9 Conference on Renewable Resources and Biorefineries. ( ).

 During this Matchmaking Meeting selected initiatives from the public and private sector, including investment groups from the LAC region, who are involved in biorefineries or renewable biomass based resources were presented. 

Details on the program: 





Sylvia Burssens, Ivan Ingelbrecht (VIB-UGent, Belgium): Welcome and introduction to the workshop


Guy Henry (Coordinator, ALCUE-KBBE, Colombia):

Advancing towards a LAC-EU research & innovation cooperation agenda


Monika Sormann (Strategy and Co-ordination Division , Policy Advisor, EWI, Department of Economy, Science and Innovation, Flemish Government, Belgium): The Bio-economy in Flanders


Rui Faria da Cunha (Executive Manager, Apex-Brasil, Brazil): Opportunities for business collaboration between the EU and Brazil


Daniel Pioch (CIRAD): A fully integrated approach for applying the Biorefinery concept Chemicals - Materials - Energy , worldwide


Guy Van Den Eede (Adviser for Bio-economy, Joint Research Centre, EC, Belgium): Horizon 2020


Biomass for bio-energy and bio-products


Claudio Dunan (Director of Strategy, BIOCERES, Argentina):

Leading Biobased Business in Argentina


Jesus Alberto Garcia Nunez (Processing Program Coordinator, CENIPALMA,


Evaluation of New Concepts for Palm Oil Mill Biorefineries


Manoel Teixeira Souza Jr (Chief Executive Officer, EMBRAPA Agroenergia, Brazil):

The National Program for Production and Use of Biodiesel - Past, Present & Future


Andrés Sánchez Brenes (CENIBiot, Costa Rica):

CENIBiot: Research from laboratory to industry


Mike May (VP Public Affairs, FuturaGene, Suzano, Brazil):

Greening the supply chain - working examples from Brazil


Miguel Calvo (President, Argentine Soy Chain Association – ACSOJA, Argentina):

Bioindustry & Challenges: Argentine capabilities and options


Coffee break


Session 2: Biotechnology, Biodiversity and Biorefinery


Daniel Borio (PLAPIQUI, Argentina):

Chemical Engineering research on bio-based processes and products in PLAPIQUI, Argentina


Damar Arredondo-Lopez (StelaGenomics, Mexico):

From the laboratory to the field: creating a technology-based company


Patricia del Portillo Obando (Executive Director, CORPOGEN, Colombia): CorpoGen Research and Biotechnology


Bernardo Ospina (Executive Director, CLAYUCA, Colombia):

Rural Social Biorefineries-RUSBI, An approach to promote energy and food security in marginal rural areas


Giovanni Venturini del Greco (AGROILS, Dominican Republic):

Adding value to Jatropha biofuels projects: increased oil quality & animal feed production from Jatropha co-product


Adrián Pinto (Bioprospecting Unit, National Biodiversity Institute (INBio) and CIEMIC Director, University of Costa Rica (UCR), Costa Rica):

Bioenergy-relevant products from Costa Rica's microbial diversity


Matchmaking session with walking sandwich lunch


Scheduled Matchmaking


Round Table Discussion: The Way Forward for EU-LAC Bio-economy Cooperation


Moderator: Ivan Ingelbrecht (VIB-UGent, Belgium)


Panel: Eduardo Trigo (Mincyt Argrentina), Marc Van Montagu (IPBO, VIB-Ghent University, Belgium), Ludo Diels (VITO, Belgium), Manoel Teixeira Souza (Embrapa Agroenergie, Brazil), Miguel Calvo, (Argentine Soy Chain Association, Argentina)



  1. 1.Challenges/opportunities towards establishing EU LAC cooperation in area of bio-economy in terms of (i) research, (ii) innovation, (iii) education, (iv) policies?


  1. 2.Previous LAC-EU (a) research and (b) business cooperation: what are the lessons learnt, useful experiences, what worked well and did not work, etc


  1. 3.Which elements are most important for establishing cooperation for EU and LAC institutions (eg. complementary skills, mutual trust, existing relationship, etc)



This event was organized by Ghent University (Belgium) and CIRAD (France) in the framework of the ALCUE-KBBE project ( ALCUE-KBEE is an FP7 European Cooperation and Support Action in S&T and Bioeconomy development between the European Union (EU) and the Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC), coordinated by CIRAD (France). 

The presentations are availables here :


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